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Wednesday, August 3, 2011



"We have to take her to Israel...then maybe she can be well again." It was a last
minute decision of the Patrelski couple.They've been putting off the final say

for weeks now because both didn't want to have a leave of absence from work

in Philadelphia.

Being Jewish immigrants was no easy mill in Uncle Sam's country but the

indomitable pair have survived for twelve years.

"Do you think Fina will like it there? She barely acts and speaks Jewish,"Lenna

bit her lower lip,always fearing the worst for her kindred daughter.

Franco dropped his suitcase gently on the sofa, and made a queer sigh that

hasn't been heard of in years."It's our last recourse."

Lenna, who has successfully quit drinking for sometime now since she has

had Fina, grabbed a red wine from the storehouse and poured a wineglass

half full of it."Then let's get our assess off here and expect a miracle from the

Holy Land!"

They headed to Kiryat,a notable town in Israel. There they were met by a

trusted caretaker who has shielded Lenna's parental home for decades. Her

name was Anna Mildred and stood to be in her 90's.

"My dear Lenna Marie,do you still recall your playful years around this

villa?",the old woman graciously extended her welcoming embrace.

"Honestly Anna, it's you I only know. The others I have a vague recollection

of." Lenna accepted Anna' quick embrace and proceeded to the veranda.

"A pleasant day Anna! I'm glad my wife said yes to a short vacation here.

We've been wanting it for so long."Franco shook Anna's hand in an awkward

way,not knowing exactly how to treat her-whether as a long,lost aunt or simply

as a polite stranger.


AND JEWISH WAYS." The young Miss vocalized in such a braggart manner that

made all of them chuckle.

Anna was not only stunned, she squinted at the fate sunlight and viewed Fina

with an audacity that almost melted the harmless girl.

"Take her to the seas-she will self-heal," Anna whispered at Lenna's willing

ears and held her quivering hand. "It is time you made her aware."

"But Anna, I don't think it's fair. How will I help her understand that she's

partly human and partly..." Lenna cut the words.

"Why can't you voice it out for good? Let it all out." Anna moved a little

closer to Lenna.

Ten generations ago, Lenna's ancestors had mothered a MERMAID.And the

oracle briefly noted that the descendants of this creature would reappear in the

tenth generation-which happens to be Lenna's time.

When she gave an excruciatingly,painful birth twelve years ago, TWINS

came out. And one of them looked just not normal.

"Remember how you screamed your lungs out when you saw the fins Lenna?"

Anna muttered in a sorrowful mood."You wanted to kill your baby right away.

You just couldn't stand the sight of it."

Lenna began to stride in the wooden room."Yes, and what did you do to her?

I asked her to be thrown at sea and never to be seen forever."

"I threw her but she came back often...always with a plea."

"She's ALIVE...? Lenna said in a deafening way.

"She is so pretty Lenna if that's an understatement...You can't tell her apart

from Fina."

"What's her name...?"

"FIONA....SERAFIONA...I patterned from her sister's."

"What does she want?" Lenna seemed uninterested and lit a cigarette. Bad habits

always recurred whenever she was caught off balance. She always promised to quit


"To see and meet her sister...that's all..."

"Mom! Where are you taking me?" Fiona had asked a millionth time, as she followed

her mother down the slope of a hill.

"We're going to the deep end of the ocean."

"You're crazy!".

They stopped at a spot where there's a huge stone covering a stretch of big waves.

FIONA couldn's speak.She wanted to scream but couldn't. Her shock was gargantuan.

"Okay FINA, I want you to meet your ...twin sister...FIONA."

Within seconds, Fiona materialized with her famous tail and created minimal splash

in the waters. "Hello sister Fina...I've been waiting for you all my life."

"NOOOOO! NO! Mom,No! This can't be happening!".

"Fina,honey,I know it's out of proportion and quite lunatic but it's true.You have to

face the fact and live on with it."

"But what would Dad say?".

"He knew since you were born. Why do you think he agreed to take you all the way

to Israel and see this?".

"But why mommy? Why?..." Fina cried her heart out and Fiona almost pitied her.