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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Curse of Christine Brown

Christine Brown seems to have everything in hand-a great career, a steady boyfriend, and an infectious optmism that surges within her. Only one problem though and it poses the biggest threat on her existence-SHE'S CURSED!
How did it all come about? It all starts at her workplace-where's she's a loan
supervisor. Christine has such a soft spot in her heart that she easily gives way to whims and pleas ,even from strangers. That is why her superior,the Main Manager, cajoles her to be more firm in her dealings. She has to be harsh in saying "NO" to loan extensions.After all, their company is a hard-selling business and she can't afford to nurture pity.
So enter Mrs. Ganush, a Gypsy woman from a mixed-race neighborhood. She is about to lose her house where she has lived for thirty years. And she's asking Christine,pleading for a mortgage extension. ALAS! Christine Brown is stern this time, and shows her undemining authority.As per advice of the Main Manager,"No more! We already granted her two extensions in the past!",she summons.
"I'm sorry, Mrs. Ganush, but we cannot grant your request this time." Christine tries to explain rest-assuredly. But her charming ardour doesn't work.
"Please, I beg. I'm a proud woman Miss Brown. I humble myself before you.
Please I beg you..." Mrs. Ganush kneels before Christine,and holds onto the hem of her skirt.
"Guard! Help us!" Christne calls,shocked and mesmerized in awe.
"You shamed me!" Mrs. Ganush gets up from her kneeling position
and confronts Christine in a mortifying manner."I begged you and you shamed me!"
Then she steps out,with a mocking face.
The next thing Christine knows,she is beset by one problem after another.
She can't seem to concentrate on her job,she has hassles with her boyfriend,and she has nightmares-terrible nightmares she can't withstand.
She seeks a medium for help,and she is told that a very angry ,mad woman
cursed her tremendously!
Christine suddenly remembers Mrs. Ganush and the wrestle she has had with her in the carpark. How the old woman smashed her car, and almost broke her face. She refuses loan request with her, and now she has to pay the price-TO BE LOCKED UP IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY.
For the next three days,Christine grapples with her senses as she is attacked mercilessly by Lamia,the most feared of all demons.Physically, Christine is ravaged and she can't take it anymore.
So she bargains and seeks the soul of Mrs.Ganush from another life.
"But it wasn't my fault!The loan manager made me do it!".
Mrs. Ganush retaliates in a most terrifying wail:"I WANT THE SOUL OF CHRISTINE BROWN!".
To all you dear readers, if you want to know the ending whether or not Christine indeed goes to hell after three days, go rent the DVD of "Drag Me To Hell" written and directed by Sam Raimi. It stars Allison Lohman as the naive,sweet girl Christine brown and Lorna Rayver as the Gypsy old woman,unforgiving Mrs. Ganush .
After seeing the entire film,you will decide yourself whether you believe in curses or not. And tell me more about them.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Brush with A Psychic

Not so long ago, I had encountered a very well-known and talked about psychic in our neighborhood. I came to her for a consultation because I was confused with a lot of stuff in my life then,primarily concerning education and finances. I was taken aback when the highly-regarded woman spread out a deck of cards before me,and blabbered about my life nonstop. In less than an hour, she was able to tell me about my sordid past,my present predicament, and my future tales. I wasn't just amazed...I WAS ENTHRALLED.
How could such a mysterious woman dictate on my power of reasoning and swayed me with profusions and wonderment? Eighty-precent of what she revealed to me was true, and undeniably existing.
Where did she get her skill? Or is that what you call GIFT?
It's bewildering that certain people possess this kind of gift-and leave the bystander in freeze...begging for more information,whining for a better understanding of life.
And from that time on, I never stopped inquiring about the unknowns of life-things unanswerable and better left unsaid.