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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Brush with A Psychic

Not so long ago, I had encountered a very well-known and talked about psychic in our neighborhood. I came to her for a consultation because I was confused with a lot of stuff in my life then,primarily concerning education and finances. I was taken aback when the highly-regarded woman spread out a deck of cards before me,and blabbered about my life nonstop. In less than an hour, she was able to tell me about my sordid past,my present predicament, and my future tales. I wasn't just amazed...I WAS ENTHRALLED.
How could such a mysterious woman dictate on my power of reasoning and swayed me with profusions and wonderment? Eighty-precent of what she revealed to me was true, and undeniably existing.
Where did she get her skill? Or is that what you call GIFT?
It's bewildering that certain people possess this kind of gift-and leave the bystander in freeze...begging for more information,whining for a better understanding of life.
And from that time on, I never stopped inquiring about the unknowns of life-things unanswerable and better left unsaid.


  1. When I was 17, my friend Dawn and I went to a psychic. She gazed at our hands one by one. Dawn went first. I noticed that when the psychic was asking her questions, she would judge Dawn's reactions. Dawn oohed and ahaed every time the psychic was right and at the end, Dawn was convinced that she was the best psychic in the world. Then it was my turn. The psychic asked me questions. I said, "You're the psychic. You tell me." Then she would tell me something and look at me to see if she got it right. I stared at the psychic with a blank expression on my face. This went on for a while until she, fed up with me, gave me back my money and asked me to leave. Her reason being that I must also be a psychic and was just wasting her time. Most psychics use parlor tricks. Beware.

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